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About Us

PukkaDing is a local membership business with a variety of benefits. We originally set up as a simple local business directory and over time have evolved into an awesome business helping our members make a saving on everyday life… and at the same time offering our local businesses the opportunity to advertise for free.

Step One

Activate your PukkaDing membership

Step Two

Look for something you want to save on

Step Three

Show your status in store and save

As we grow, so will the value of your membership so sign up today!

Save on almost anything when you use our selected business’s found on our site such as ……CAR HIRE, HOLIDAY RENTALS, RESTAURANTS, FAMILY DAYS OUT, GYMS, And much much more like Coffee Shops, Hair Dressers, weddings, florists, Pubs, Clubs and Tradesmen…..

We are always working hard to bring you new deals and discounts everyday so if you want to see your favourite businesses on PukkaDing let us know and we will do our best to sign them up!

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